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Edited by Fhotini Constantopoulou

Ντέιβιντ Χάρντυ

Cinematographic archive
  • ISBN: 960-03-2676-2
  • σελ. 112
  • 1 Φεβρουαρίου 2000
  • € 9,54


Two MS and a photograph of the Parliament in session. GS from above of the crowd on Stadiou St. cheering the President of the Assembly Constantinos Raktivan who announces Parliament's decision to declare the Republic... CU of the commander of the First Army Corps, Major-General Papathanasiou, and other officers on the balcony of the First Army Corps Headquarters in Syntagma Square. Major-General Papathanasiou announces the abolition of the Monarchy and the founding of the Republic. He removes the insignia of the crown from his cap. GS from above, aligned troops in the square as they do likewise.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece (Service of Historical Archives)