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I, Sugar Sweet

The story of a cat and his mistress

I, Sugar Sweet
  • 978-960-03-5439-3
  • 192 pages
  • 2012

Don’t kid yourselves, dearests. This ISN’T a kid’s book and I’m NOT just any old cat. I happen to be super smart, gorgeous AND incredibly talented. Heard of Hemingway, JD Salinger, Lewis Carroll, have you? Well, they only made it because I wasn’t out there on the scene yet. It took me six lives and a whole lot of hard work to get inside the house—then the head—of a lady writer, so she could type my thoughts. But I did it! So, behold my memoires (and some of her memoires, too, seeing as our lives have been so roughly intertwined). Behold the trials a thinking animal has to put up with in any writer’s house. Behold the tribulations my sensitive, extraordinary colleagues have to go through in any human home. Behold what it means to love without being loved, and never giving up. Because you will love me, my dearests, whether you want to or not.